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Please Familiarize Yourself With Our Policies

In order for your pet to have the best services at our salon, we urge clients to please make appointments ahead of time. The best time to make an appointment is when checking out, we can easily book a follow up appointment to make sure that your pet’s grooming needs are met in a timely manner to avoid health concerns such as matted fur, over grown nails, and build up around the private/sanitary areas. Your groomer will recommend a regular schedule for your pet’s future grooming appointments.

Late Policy

In order to ensure that we have enough time to work on your pet and that your appointment doesn’t run long and interfere with appointments scheduled later in the day, it is extremely important to be punctual to your appointment. If you are more than 10 min. late for your appointment there is a late fee of $5. This fee will increase by $5 for each future late appointment. If you are late by 20 minutes or more there is a possibility that we will need to cancel your appointment due to time constraints and reschedule for another day which will result in a cancelation fee of $20. You are more than welcome to drop your pet off early and we can make accommodations.

Cancelation Policy

As a small business we are affected greatly by cancelations. If you make an appointment and do not show up for it, the groomer assigned to groom your pet losses income because we do not double book appointment slots. The salon is also affected by cancelations, which is why we have created a cancelation policy. If you call to cancel your appointment 1 business day prior to your appointment there will not be a cancelation fee. The fee for cancelation less than 1 business day prior to your pet’s appointment is $20 for the first time it happens and $30 for each subsequent offence. Please note that if your appointment is on a Tuesday and you need to cancel, the cancelation must be made on Saturday as we are not open on Sunday or Monday.

Rewashing Policy

Please walk your pet for a minimum of 5 minutes prior to the grooming appointment. Pets get nervous about grooming and it will cause them to have a need to eliminate waste and urinate. Your pet will feel much more comfortable if allowed to relieve themselves prior to the appointment. Keep in mind your pet will not be taken outside for the duration of the groom and that most appointments take 2-4 hrs.


Should your pet eliminate or urinate while it is under our care and requires a rewash, there will be a fee of $10 or more depending on the amount of time it takes (i.e. if we only need to rewash the feet vs the whole rear end of the pet). If a rewash is not required we will simply clean it up and not charge any fee, but please be mindful that this fee is to account for the extra time, shampoo, water, and electricity as well as the interruption it causes the groomers. Rewashing a pet causes the groomer to get behind on their schedule and will lengthen not only your pet’s grooming time but all pets that have appointments after yours.

Dematting Fees

Every pet will have a regular grooming price set after the first appointment. Based on size, temperament, and breed/haircut type. This will be the price you will pay IF your pet is not matted. Dematting fees will vary based on the amount of time it takes to get the matts out, or based on how much extra care and time must be taken to safely shave the pet. Matted fur is very bad for the health of your pet and can also cause your pet great discomfort. Matted fur pulls at the skin as it tangles and if you try to wash matted fur it tightens up and becomes more difficult to dematt. In addition, depending on the severity of the matted fur, we may not be able to see your pet’s skin. Underneath the matted fur is often times irritated skin, fleas, or other skin issues. If the dog is severely matted there will be a separate form to sign (Matted pet waiver form) to inform you in detail of what to expect of your pets grooming. Please do not ask us to dematt your pet if we have informed you that the pet is severely matted. This is a painful process (for your pet and usually the groomer too) of breaking the tangled fur. It causes great strain on the groomer’s hands and wrist and is painful for your pet in most cases. Please keep in mind we allocate a certain amount of time to groom your pet, so if your pet is matted it is important to inform us when making your appointment. This way we can allocate extra time to groom your pet. Dematting fees will be assessed by the amount of time the extra brushing takes. We can give you an estimate before you drop off if you would like.

Special Handling

Some pets will require special handling for one reason or another. This can be due to a health issue or due to aggression. For example, if your dog is aggressive (tries to bite) and we feel there is a real risk of being bitten, a special handling fee will be added to the price due to the risk we take by grooming your pet as well as the extra time required to groom an aggressive or biting dog. The same applies to a dog with health issues. If the pet has health issues that require the assistance of a second groomer or takes extra time to groom because it is too old to stand for long periods, a special handling fee may be applied. This fee can range but is typically $10.

Expedited Grooming

If you would like to have your pets grooming done from start to finish without break to ensure your pet is done in the least amount of time possible, you may request that at the time of making your appointment. Express grooming is a service that is subject to availability and may not be appropriate for all pets (i.e. Standard Poodle). Typically we only do express grooms first thing in the morning or as the last appointment of the day to minimize any potential interruptions. Typical charge for expedition is $10 but can be more for larger breads.





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